Animal Shelter Oelzschau

Street of Friendship 62 04579

Tel .: 03 43 47 – 81 6 33
Fax: 03 43 47 – 81 6 44

Led for 10 years as a shelter, the former serum work in Oelzschau, in which Beagle were kept and bred for experimental purposes in GDR times. Since 1996 the shelter bears the name “Anneliese zum Kolk” shelter.

The entrance area to the office, the small dog house and the future quarantine. So far , the free space has been converted into a quarantine. With the takeover of the shelter by the Tierschutzverein Leipziger Land eV on 01.05.2001 it was clear that a quarantine had to be erected urgently. The estimated material costs amount to about 7.000,00 DM, whereby a thermally insulated ceiling is not yet included.

By a donation in kind and / or money you can help us to realize the urgent object.

Quarantine was completed in the meantime. We thank you for the help of the many animal lovers.

In February 1999, the Bundesverband Tierschutz eV (Federal Association for Animal Welfare) took care of the urgently needed car, which bought the animal shelter, which had already been bought in 1996 in front of the AUS, and thus made it possible for animals in need of care to keep a roof over their heads.

Therefore, a big thank you to the Bundesverband Tierschutz in Moers.

After consultation with the staff sponsors are wanted!

Contact: Board, shelter manager or animal keeper

All animals that you find here in the home suffer from the fact that they can receive little personal attention.

No matter if it concerns dogs, cats or other small animals, it lacks of people, who deal with the animals in loving care. With a sponsorship you treat yourself and a pet with the opportunity to escape the stress of everyday life. Working together, you can find relaxation, variety and friendship.

In home life threatens the self-abandonment of the animal by loneliness.

However, the basic prerequisite for the mediation is that the animals want to be able to join the people and also to be able to do so, so that the individual connection to the human being is made possible and the ability to retain one’s ability to remain intact. Through a sponsorship, the danger of loneliness can be prevented. As often as possible, the patent should be visited. During this time, it can enjoy positive attention through friendly approach, playing together, petting and caressing, extensive body care or walking together.

The goal is:

The animal should receive the best placement opportunities.

That is, to the ability to relate to humans, the animal should have as many desirable properties. Animals that come from bad posture, must be accustomed to the hand and the people with much patience. Only when a relationship of trust has been gained can the animals deal with their fears and learn to live up to their expectations.

You do not need to be a member of Tierschutzverein Leipziger Land eV, but membership would be desirable. In this case, you are also insured for possible damage to your person.

Staff and sponsors should work together for the welfare of the animals. This sometimes requires additional involvement, especially in emergencies or when extraordinary action is required.

With a small monthly fee (from € 10.00), the godparents make special purchases that benefit the animals.

If the desired patent is a dog, the claim rises!

There are really only a few animal lovers who, despite all the known mistakes, opt for an animal and then dedicate themselves with much time and love to education. Therefore, the godparents should already give the animal to be conveyed as many positive qualities as possible. If you have made friends with the cared for animal, you can also “work” with the animal. To make matters easier, most of the animals love to learn and enjoy learning success with them. Towards the end of a walk (after pent-up energy has been released and the dog has come loose), the exercises can begin with the animal. Studies have shown that exercise times are initially no longer than 5 minutes, later should not exceed 10 minutes a day and that a benevolent education about reward (kindness, caresses, appetizers) brings the best learning results. This is why we choose not to keep our dogs confined to dog crates. Instead, we let them use large dog playpens that we found on Dog Product Picker. Tips for education you can ask except with specialist literature (a list of literature will be available soon) with our keepers.

Some dogs know nothing, are afraid of everything!

There are dogs that do not dare to get into their cars, have never driven a bus or tram, are afraid of people or crowds (inner city, traffic light, …), do not stay alone (5 minutes in front of a shop), are afraid other dogs or children and endless more. Some react intimidated, others are aggressive. These animals have little placement opportunities! Therefore, always assuming the relationship of trust is right, challenge your patent with patience and without over-straining it. They help a creature to more self-confidence and thus to more joie de vivre.

Nothing lacks the animals as much as solid caregivers. Decide to become a sponsor!