Since 1 May 2001, the shelter, which belongs to the Federal Association for Animal Welfare eV Moers, a new operator – the animal protection association Leipziger Land eV The members of this association have “written on the flags” to  actively support the staff of the animal shelter to the Situation of the animals to improve a lot. The accommodation of the animals in the shelter can only be an interim solution, our aim is to convey them as quickly as possible to  a suitable family or person  .

The shelter in Oelzschau is located   in the former GDR Serumwerk. In order to be able to use it as a shelter, it required a variety of structural changes, for which a   not inconsiderable sum of money was needed. Even today, a lot of modernization and reconstruction is needed, but first of all the continued existence of the animal shelter must be ensured. 

The shelter has space for 40 dogs (single). Cats were housed in a dog kennel between dogs until May 1, 2001. This condition was untenable and therefore we decided to accommodate the cats in a friendly shelter.

The construction of a cat house is planned, but fails so far on the financial means.

An important aspect of animal shelter work is, in addition to the appropriate housing and food of the animals, the mediation to a new home. 

There are very different reasons that brought the animals to the home: they were abandoned – because the holiday was at the door and the animal was suddenly a burden; Animals are simply tied up somewhere and left unconscionably to their fate. There are animals that have been released because of a change of residence, divorce, death of the owner or an allergy. In addition, there are also cases in which the official veterinarian an animal must move , because his attitude completely contradicts the rules of animal welfare. No matter which of the reasons for the shelter stay: It is a sad destiny.  

Therefore, at this point again the appeal to all who want to buy a dog, cat or another pet: 

Please visit first the shelter and look here for a suitable animal! The staff will be happy to help you with the choice and will be happy to help and advise you.